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              • 家用中央空调怎么进行维护保养
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              How to maintain the central air conditioner

              Note 1: check the contact between the plug and socket of the air conditioner frequently. If any abnormality is found, take corresponding measures according to the situation.

              Note 2: the water system should pay attention to whether there is water leakage at the pipeline connection. In case of multi line system and air duct system, it is necessary to frequently observe whether there is refrigerant leakage at the interface of refrigerant pipeline of air conditioner.

              Note 3: the filter screen shall be cleaned regularly for water system and air duct fan system. Generally, clean once every 2-3 weeks.

              Note 4: the condenser and evaporator coil of the air conditioner shall be cleaned regularly for the multi line household central air conditioner, and the dust on the coil shall be cleaned with a brush and a vacuum cleaner.

              Note 5: when the air conditioner needs to be shut down for a long time, the air conditioner shall be completely cleaned. After cleaning, only turn on the fan of the air conditioner, operate for about 2-3 hours, dry the inside of the air conditioner, and then cover the air conditioner with a dust boot.

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